Family Law and Mediation Office of Maureen Stubbs

Certified Family Law Specialist Maureen Stubbs has been serving California families for more than 30 years. Combining compassion with legal knowledge and relationship insight, divorce attorney Maureen Stubbs brings her extensive expertise to your personal situation.

You’ve tried very hard to make your marriage work, but now it’s time to take the next steps. You’re facing going your separate way, splitting assets, child custody decisions—and more. During such a challenging time, you need a supportive partner to help you evaluate your options and guide you through the process to a new beginning. Divorce attorney and mediator Maureen Stubbs has represented a wide variety of clients over the decades and has successfully navigated the most turbulent of waters.

Because traditional Divorce Litigation is the most costly approach—both financially and emotionally—the Stubbs Family Law and Mediation Office also offers Court Alternatives for dispute resolution: Mediation and Collaborative Practice. For those clients who prefer to do part of the work themselves, Limited Scope Representation is also available.

Whatever your dispute resolution choice, the Stubbs Family Law and Mediation Office operates transparently, setting realistic expectations and communicating honestly and compassionately. Our services are available to all families in Los Angeles. If you would like to discuss your situation before scheduling an appointment, we offer a free phone consultation.

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Contact Information:
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